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Steve Larson

Steve Larson, D.Min.,

President & Counseling Director

Steve is a founding member of Our House. He is a Marriage and Family Therapist/Supervisor and a Lutheran clergy person who has over 50 years of service working with the Ft. Worth Police Department, Federal Prisons in Sandstone, Bastrop, and Ft. Worth, as well as Travis County Correctional Center and Travis State Jail. He has served in Ft.  Worth, Austin, and Berkeley, California, as both clergy and therapist. Most of his work has been with the homeless, drug and alcohol addicts, the incarcerated, and youth who are dependent, neglected, and depressed.

Ed Miller

Ed Miller, M.Ed.

Vice President, Treasurer & Cognitive Behavioral Director

Ed is a founding member of Our House and has worked in several other community service organizations in Austin, earned an Undergraduate Degree in Communication, and Master’s Degree in Education, and while serving as an Adjunct Professor at Austin Community, was Lead Instructor in an acclaimed program assisting recently released young offenders, the homeless, and others who were chronically unemployed.
He brings a great deal of prior experience as a broadcast news anchor and print journalist, and has operated his own private practice as a strategic marketing planning consultant with clients across a wide area of the US.  Ed serves Our House as Vice President and Director of Marketing and Communications, and is responsible for guiding the planning and development process.

Rev. Lea Walker-Clark

Rev. Lea Walker-Clark, M. Div., LPC

Secretary & Counselor

Lea is an ordained Reverend Deacon and is currently pursuing a Pastoral Leadership role in the ELCA Lutheran Church.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, the President of Texas CROSS, and President/CEO of No More, No Más, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to addressing domestic violence against women and children, particularly those in the faith community. Although the non-profit’s founding purpose was to uplift women and their families, since 2011 No More, No Mas, Inc. extends its hands and feet to serve all (e.g., LGBTQ+) who are searching for purpose and need renewed hope in finding their destiny after experiencing the traumatic experience abuse brings.




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Austin Texas 78744-4813

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