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OUR MISSION: To provide access to a system of integrated services offering support to youth, young adults, and their families who may be experiencing poverty, unemployment, addiction, homelessness, and poor mental health, and keep them out of the school-to-prison pipeline.

OUR PURPOSE: To equip these individuals and their communities with access to the resources and education needed to live mindfully, have healthy relationships, be of service to others, and take effective action for a better future.

OUR VISION: To provide needed services such as counseling, peer mentoring, afterschool programs, educational completion, case management, and information/referral services by colloborating with our non-profit partners, thereby helping those whom we serve.



Our House offers a safe space for youth from diverse circumstances to engage in after school activities that develop youth leadership, civic and community service opportunities and promotes healthy relationships. Now more than ever, youth have a need to build positive relationships and have a supportive space to share in the concerns and create solutions in their community.

Our House uses a strengths based, equitable, inclusive approach to partnering with our community that is disproportionately affected by a lack of resources and opportunities for families and students.

We are located directly across from Travis High School on the campus of Faith Presbyterian/Wildflower Unitarian Univeralist Church and offer multiple after-school programs at Travis High School.

Our House was developed to eliminate barriers students face by encouraging the development of leadership abilities, teaching new skills, providing college and career preparation and offering access to therapeutic groups and support.

We have partnered with Travis High School, Austin Community College, Barrio Writers, Wildflower Unitarian Universalist Church, and Faith Presbyterian Churchto support students and the near East Austin community to offer a sustainable and collaborative community effort.

Our House has engaged youth in developing programs, projects and activities related to issues they identify as important in their community. We amplify youth voices and leverage resources in a community that is disproportionately underserved.


2105 Parker Lane

Austin Texas 78744-4813

Phone: 512.422.2150

Email: info1.ourhouse@gmail.com

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